Libertine Briefcase

Libertine Briefcase


Its the whole shebang! We've opened our cellar doors, offering some of our rarest beers in side by side verticals. All briefcases are complete with wooden Libertine wine key, two 12oz Libertine tulip glasses, two 750oz Libertine bottles and a bunch of stickers. Share our wild ales with a friend, send as a gift, or add these rare packages to your cellar shelves.

Choose between:

• 2015 Turkey Buzzards Blend + 2016 Turkey Buzzards Blend (plus 7" vinyl)

• 2015 Summer Breeze + 2016 Summer Breeze

• 2015 Xmas Stout + 2016 Stocking Stuffer

• 2016 Wild IPA + 2016 Central Coast Saison

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