First Annual HAOLEWEEN Vintage Surf Contest

The First Annual Haoleween Vintage Surf Contest turned out so much better than expected. 22 surf contestants from across San Luis Obispo county came together in Morro Bay to compete in the surf competition hosted by The Libertine Brewing Company. The rules were simple, the surf equipment of choice must have one fin and be longer than 8ft. These were easy standards to meet, and longboarders from all over gathered to demonstrate their style in the chilly October water.

The surf came up through out the week and the winds finally laid down. Overhead sets with a light offshore breeze made for a solid playing field over the newly formed sandbars. Competitors utilized the conveyor belt fashion of the backwash along the rock, quickly making it back out to stack rides as they peeled off bird shit rock and into the pit. 

The judges consisted of Tyler Clark and Jason Hudson of Libertine Brewing Company and guest judge Trevor Scoggins of Telegraph Brewing. "We had a difficult time determining the winners, so much great style and talent" exclaimed Hudson following the event. "It was so entertaining to watch everyone scratch for waves while having a good time. The sun was shinning and the waves kept coming, we couldn't have asked for a better day." Plenty of style, plenty of fun, plenty of laughs and clever costumes made the first annual Haoleween Vintage Surf Contest the greatest of all time!



Thomas Birchell (The Green Man)


Keary (The Skeleton)

THIRD PLACE (two way tie)

Kevin (The Indian) & Patrick (The Joker)


Marion (Escaped Mental Patient)


Colt (Quail Man), Mac (Yellow Pants Guy), Patrick (The Joker)


Marion, Nydia, Samantha, April


The Good Samaritan Award

Alexander Hinerman (the board saver)

The Best 'Burn'

Julia (almost killed a body boarder)



Sean Zurbriggen