#FlightOfTheBuzzards, Lupalo Craft Beer House, Santa Cruz

Our first Flight Of The Buzzards was an incredible success. We don't get to make it up to Santa Cruz as often as we like, so we made the most of our time in town and brought one of our favorite bands with us.

In our Santa Cruz beer delivery vehicle, dubbed The Carbon Footprint, we made deliveries and visits to some of our favorite breweries and bottle shops. We spent the afternoon talking craft beers, disc golf and camo hats with the geeks at Beer Thirty. There were lots of killer beers and good vibes, so we left them with a few new kegs and a bunch of cases of our Framboise for their shelves.

Next stop, we had to go and act a fool with the people at Sante Adarius in Capitola. We always have a great time there; rustic ales are on point! Leaving Sante, we headed down to Lupalo for a special performance of The Turkey Buzzards. The night could be described by some as "The Greatest of All Time."

The Buzzards, an alternative, outlaw country duo brought along a mandolin noodling friend to create a smooth sounding trio. The group has a bunch of killer original songs and knows how to get the crowd involved with their country covers. Slamming our hands on the table in delight went on for the next few hours, we're happy with our first installment of #theflightofthebuzzards


Sean Zurbriggen