Fall Children

Harvest is such a crazy time of year, and it brings different meanings to different industries. Hops are being cut down and processed, with delicious wet hop IPA’s hitting shelves and draft lines. The dreaded pumpkin beer is flooding stores. The air is filled with mulling spices and dried orange peel. Our friends over in the wine world are starting to get their first bins of grapes to press. The last of the late summer orchard fruits are coming in. It’s an exciting time, especially for a brewery and tap room that utilizes all of these things (Not so fast pumpkins!). 

This year we're looking forward to harvest and autumn for a lot of reasons. Our partnerships with some of our favorite Central Coast Wineries is in full effect. We are working with Field Recordings, Sans Liege and The Fableist again. Utilizing some of our favorite wine grapes, including Chardonnay and Zinfandel to recreate two Libertine classics. One of the great parts of working with Curt and Andrew and their respective wineries is each year we get a little bit better at employing new techniques into our process. This Chardonnay experience is going to be completely rebuilt from the ground up, as we did with last year’s Gary. 

We also have our partnership with Halter Ranch in Paso Robles and Claiborne Churchill in Edna Valley, each vineyard granting us use of a rotating varietal each year. This year we will be playing with red varietals from both vineyards. This is a first for us with Claiborne, as we have primarily worked with their estate German grapes by blending them onto variations of our Edna Saison and using German hops. This year we might play with some new ideas on how to do it, but as with any great collaboration it comes down to what both parties think will be best.

We also have some returning blends for the fall. Last year we completely reworked the concept behind Autumn Leaves into a hoppy red saison. This year we kept it on the maltier side and let some of the culture and specialty grain come through. Reminiscent of an English Breakfast Tea, which was the original concept behind the beer back in the Morro Pub days. Citrus Swells came out swinging at her debut at last year’s Haoleween in Morro Bay, and this year will be no different. We also have our favorite Halloween themed beer coming back to all three pubs for a limited time towards the end of the month. Keep an eye on social media for more details on some of these releases. Don’t dream it, be it.

Stephen Ruddy

Head Brewer

Stephen Ruddy