KSO by any other name....

.... is still KSO. 

You may notice that KSO is missing from the menu and we anticipate people being upset by it. The good news is that KSO is NOT dead, it is evolving. We changed the recipe a while back, and stopped using Chinook hops in it completely. Chinook hops gave it that mandarin and pine aroma that put the "orange" in its original name. Some would drink KSO and swear that there was fruit in it but the truth is there isn't and there never has been.

Flash cut to a few months ago when we brewed the current incarnation of the beer, replacing the Chinook hops with Mosaic hops; also adding some wheat to the recipe to put it more in line with traditional Berliners. The beer is essentially the same, yet it is oh so different. We toyed with the idea of changing the name a few times but never fully committed to it... until now. In truth we all kind of hated the name, and now, we would like to reintroduce you to one of our favorite pub beers.


Berlinertine is the same beer you have been enjoying since late 2017. Absolutely nothing else has changed but the name. So why change it at all? I'm glad you asked! Since we took out the "orange" part and started using Mosaic hops we thought, 'Hey, let's do this with other cool hops too!' And Berlinertine was born as a concept to showcase our favorite hops. There may be a time when you come into one of our pubs and find multiple versions of Berlinertine on draft, but the original will always remain consistent.

Even better news? We finally did what you all have been asking to do for years. She's in bottles now. That's right! Berlinertine:Mosaic will be released in bottles for the first time in a limited run (only 200 bottles and only available at one of our 3 locations). I'm also happy to reveal that Berlinertine:Azacca will be available later this summer as well, both on draft and in bottles. 

Berlinertine:Mosaic will be released in bottle June 9th at all three of our Libertine locations! Make sure you pick up a bottle while you can!

-Stephen Ruddy

Sean Zurbriggen