6 Years


Six years….. SIX YEARS!….. It’s hard to even imagine.  What started as a dream to open up a small beer bar and brewery in Morro Bay is now entering its seventh year, with over 80 employees and four locations.  It’s gone by so fast and feels like we are still just getting started, yet I can hardly remember a time when there wasn’t a Libertine.  It is so intertwined in Shannon’s and my lives.  We have beers named after our daughters, we both work at the brewery in different aspects, even conversations at home eventually always lead to the business and what’s happening.  At times it is the most stressful thing I have ever been involved in, and then at other times it brings me the utmost joy.  Being able to express myself and create products and spaces that people from all over the world relate to and enjoy has been amazingly rewarding.  It never gets old seeing someone post a photo of our products and writing how much they enjoyed it, or talking with someone at an event and they tell us what their favorite Libertine beer is and where they first tried it.  Then there are the people we get to work with and have worked along side over the years.  It’s amazing the amount of insanely smart, talented and fun people that have been and are a part of the “Liber-team”.  We have been so lucky to draw some of the absolutely best people from all walks of life to join us on this journey. 

I feel like the Bottle Club really envelops all of these things.  We are able to encapsulate our true essence into each release, from the crazy out there ideas incorporating our favorite bands or hobbies, to bringing in our friends in the wine and agriculture world to help us bring these ideas to life.  Then collaborating on artwork for the bottle dreamed up and crafted by amazing artists, one which we will feature later in this booklet.  It’s in these bottles that we select to be part of our members allotment, that we feel represent us as a brewery and as Libertines the most.  We hope you enjoy these six bottle selections as much as we do.  As we like to always say around each release while doing the final tastings, “THESE ARE THE BEST YET!” and we hope we never stop saying that.  For this journey has been amazing and as we grow as a company, and refine our processes, we also grow as people and always try to be better.  Here is to another six years!



Tyler Clark

Sean Zurbriggen