During a morning surf in Morro, we started kicking around the idea for a surf competition that is different than your average. It seems surfing has grown in hassle, hate and anger... and this started to get us down. Let's be honest, surfing is fun, it's church, it's connecting with your environment, it's building a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion and a culture. HAOLEWEEN was founded on the principle of not taking ourselves seriously, sharing that perspective, but getting some waves in the process. We are excited to invite you to our THIRD ANNUAL HAOLEWEEN SURF CONTEST! This year our friends at PIZZA PORT BREWING COMPANY have joined us to throw an even radder event than the last two! 



• ALL BOARDS MUST BE LONGER THAN 8.5ft. (or if shorter, have only ONE fin)




The Haoleween Vintage Surf Contest will focus on classic style surfing. Judging of surf will be based on power, commitment, control, wave assessment and maneuvers. For a complete list of judging specifics, scroll to the bottom of this page. Additional categories that will be judged and award are:

•FIRST PLACE: $200 CASH plus prizes

•SECOND PLACE: $100 CASH plus prizes

•BEST PARTY WAVE (minimum 3 surfers) - $150 CASH

• BEST COSTUME (any costumes left in the water will be immediately disqualified) - $50 CASH

•BEACH STOKE AWARD (this day is about vibe, we'll award best beach culture with some cash) - $50 CASH

Enter the competition HERE


The point scoring system is 0 – 10, broken into one-tenth increments, with control being the major factor.

Scoring will use the following five scoring categories:

Bad wave, No maneuvers or minor maneuver with little or no control 0.2 – 2.0

Poor wave, Minor maneuvers or basic maneuver with control 2.1 – 4.0

Average wave, Basic maneuvers, one major and minors with control 4.1 – 6.0

Good wave, Radical major maneuvers, speed control and power 6.1 – 8.0

Excellent wave, Radical major maneuvers with speed, control, power with elements of progressive surfing 8.1 – 10.0

We will use whole and half points as much as possible. There may be the need to use other increments as the heat progresses.

The score given for the first ride or rides will set the scale for the remainder of the heat. Judges will compare every individual wave score from start to finish of the heat and keep in mind important wave scores to compare against, such as the first wave of the heat, the current highest wave score of the heat and the current highest wave score of the day.

Points will be awarded for classic surfing maneuvers, such as:

  • Nose riding, trimming and stalling

  • Walking the board

  • Tube riding

  • Bottom turns – full rail or from tail

  • Cut backs – drop knee or wide stance / sit down style

  • Top turn or re-entry


The surfer may embellish their performance with soul arches, quasimotoes, head dips, grace and style although these are not considered maneuvers, but will be judged with emphasis.

Judges will consider the difference in accomplishment in nose rides, e.g. stretch or cheater fives as compared to real hang fives and hang tens. Classic nose rides are usually best when the walk to the nose is set up by a tail stall or directly in from the arc of a turn.

Walking back to the tail to continue or finish the ride; a clean conclusion, e.g. an island pull-out as opposed to wipe outs to finish the ride. Walking cleanly and precisely, foot over foot, to the nose is obviously superior to shuffling forward and back.

Re-entries, ricochets and rebounds were all developed on boards over 9’ in length and refined on short 8’ boards and will therefore be regarded as classic surfing and judged accordingly.

Critical section describes the positions on the wave where the maneuver should be performed to score maximum points. The critical section of the wave is the ‘POCKET’, or closest to the curl. The degree of commitment and the risk involved in performing close to the curl is the reason that it scores higher. The most important critical section of the wave is the first section.

Wave selection is the single most important factor for a surfer in a heat. The wave the surfer selects will dictate the maneuver the surfer will be able to perform. There is less emphasis put on wave size in small to medium conditions due to the fact that the best waves may not necessarily be the biggest. A surfer does not automatically score high because of wave size or quality. They must comply with the first part of the criteria to capitalize on their full scoring potential, on any wave. A judge will judge the maneuver, not the wave or length of ride.

It is important to note that the functional length of ride means the longest possible distance that can be ridden across the judges’ field of vision, whilst performing maneuver. Therefore, it is important to judge the maneuver, not the distance traveled.

The word ‘style’ has been written into the criteria, but it is not up to the judge to decide whether they like a particular style of a surfer or not, rather the word style reflects back to the word ‘control’. If a surfer executes maneuver with control then their style works. Therefore, STYLE, is applied more toward fluid control and judged accordingly.