libertine coffee bar

On the corner of Broad St. & Pacific St.  (6am - 6pm)


coffee bar...

Libertine has always found a priority in a well caffeinated lifestyle. We have always incorporated locally roasted coffee into our beers (see Coffeetine and Freddy Got Finger-Limed). We started making barrel aged cold brew coffee to feed our daily coffee routine as we worked. Libertine Coffee Bar is a continuation of our coffee addiction, a place to share our cold brew coffee, and kombucha .

Working with Slake Roastery from Cambria, CA we will be offering a flavorful variation of roasts, served fresh daily. We will also be featuring flavored selections of cold brew coffee with Honey Co beans on tap, in addition to our barrel aged kombucha. In a new relationship, SLO Donut Company will be making us our own Libertine Donut. We'll be selling these new confections daily with a number of great morning treats made by a variety local chefs.

Warm vibes and street side relaxing in downtown SLO makes Libertine Coffee Bar an excellent morning choice!