Brett Sounds $18 (GOLD&Platinum)

Brett Sounds is a hazy blonde beer stuck between two worlds. Part Belgian Pale ale and part American Farmhouse the first thing that will grab you is the aroma. Dried Stone fruit, musty old hay, pine and pineapple flower blend together into an immensely dry and slightly tart finish. A perfect drink on a hot summer night. Enjoy with pork and summer vegetables. 6.8%


Good Vibrations $20 (Platinum)

A classic Libertine expression of citrus and funk. A blend of some of our tart Golden ales and Gose that aged on top of Kefir lime leaves from Step Ladder ranch and some zest from their meyer lemons. Intense floral and citrus aromas and some oak character make this one feel like a well mixed margarita, and the added local salt water keeps that impression from fading. Pair with fish tacos or ceviche. 5.5%


Heard it through the Grapevine $23 (GOLD&Platinum)

A sophisticated red ale that was brewed specifically to age on the raisins we used in this brew. After removing the fruit we blended the beer with our Golden ale until we found a nice balance between the sour and the sweetness from the additional sugars. Intense aromas and flavors of port, raisins,Cabernet grapes, plums and black cherries with a sour finish. Find yourself a nice cigar or a rich Chocolate cake for this dessert-y summer sipper. 8.4%


Rhine me Up $30 (Platinum)

We love using grapes and wine in our blends and we just could not pass up the chance to use Claiborne Churchill’s Dry Riesling in one. One of our favorite wines blends with some of our favorite Saison barrels for a dry and funky brew that really spotlights the rhine region of Germany. Not only from the grapes but also the generous helping of German Huell Melon hops in the aroma. Shnitzel or Bratwurst and some appelsauce will play well with this combo. 7.5%

Summer Breeze wrap_A.jpg

Summer Breeze $20 (GOLD&Platinum)


After we run off raspberries for our framboise there is still some beer and flavor in the fruit. A few years ago we realized we can run one of our aged pale beers onto the leftover and pick up some of those distinct flavors and aromas but leave all the color. What remains is a pale raspberry wild ale that we put back into barrels until we can do the same with another distinct fruit. This year that fruit was peaches from our Get Pitted!. Try it with a bacon bleu cheese burger or some Pastor tacos. 6%


Under My Plum $20 (platinum)

Our Belgian inspired Tripel, a big blonde ale with sugar additions in the kettle, has been aging in oak wine barrels for a year. Nearly forgotten about until we thought about how good this beer would be with plums, and we were not wrong. Don’t let the easy drinkability of this beer betray its complexity though. Plenty of oak and white wine come through this big quaffable beer you will be thinking about all Summer. 8.6%