Q3 Bottle Release


If you haven't heard yet, we've revamped our bottle club this year! As we enter into our third Quarterly Release, we're stoked with our wonderful members. The positive feedback and suggestions have helped us create one of the best beer clubs in California! We have a choice two levels; Platinum (6 bottles each quarter) & Gold (3 bottles each quarter). Head over to our bottle club webpage for additional details and to sign up! This upcoming release is, hands down, the best one yet! We're extremely proud with this one. We've put together some of our favorite styles of beers in our most comprehensive bottle club release to date.  This JUNE 10th RELEASE is a grand tribute to the music that gets us moving. Each beer is named and conceived by the tunes that inspired it. From Rolling Stones to Beach Boys, this release is sure to make you sing and dance!

Under My PluM - 8.4%

Our house Tripel aged in a variety of wine barrels was blended onto Plums and re-fermented for two months. As the plums incorporated themselves into the beer it went from a pale orange to a dark pink. Don’t let the taste fool you, it’s slight stone fruit tartness and slight malt sweetness betrays its big abv.

Rhein Me Up - 7.5 %

Our friends at Claiborne Churchill, gave us some barrels of their Dry Riesling to blend. We used a variety of some of our dry, funky Saisons to blend for a unique farmhouse take on a wine hybrid. Since we were using a German varietal we thought it was important to showcase the region by using Huell Melon hops from the same region. Edna Valley wine and beer spotlighting the Rhein region.

Summer Breeze (batch 4) - 6%

Golden ale was run through our Framboise raspberries to collect some of the flavor and aroma leftover, then racked off and aged in wine barrels for 6 months to a year. This years blend was racked onto the leftover peaches from Get Pitted and aged for another month before crashing out all the fruit. What we have left is a sour golden beer with notes of peach pit, raspberries and mangoes. Dry, fruity and effervescent. Everything a fruited wild ale should be.





Brett Sounds - 6.8%

Inspired by The Beach Boys album, Pet Sounds, this unique beer was built on the concept of a farmhouse pale ale with those barnyard Brett aromas. Classic Belgian Abbey Pales in mind, we put our unique Central Coast California spin on this beer. Pine and floral aromas from a 100% Mount Hood hopped beer, with some classic farmhouse and pineapple Brett Smells from our house cultures. This is sure to be a summer favorite. Best paired with the sweet harmonizing voices of The Beach Boys.




Heard it Through the Grapevine (batch 2) - 8.0%

This years Heard It Through The Grapevine is a wild red ale, oak aged, then re-fermented on raisins. Racked off the raisins and allowed to condition for nearly 6 months and refine itself. Grapevine has notes of earth, raisins, port, dark fruits, and rum with a quick tart bite on a big body.




Good Vibrations (Batch 2) - 5.5%

Very tart, dry and funky blend of our barrel aged Golden ale and Gose. Aged on Keffir Lime leaves and lemon zest with some slight dry hopping. Finally some sea water to give it a margarita quality.